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Shipping charges are included in the price of each package of fruit.

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We look forward to providing the finest Indian River citrus for you and your loved ones.
Sweet Juice Orange
Valencia Oranges
Spring Classic
Valencia Oranges & Grapefruit
Sweet, Juicy & Rich in Nutrients
Ruby Red Grapefruit
Citrus Fruit Club
Fresh Fruit Delivered Monthly
Citrus Fruit Club
Sweet, Seedless & Easy to Peel
Navel Oranges
Sweet & Easy to Peel
Florida Tangerines
Great for Juicing
Hamlin Oranges
Sweet, Seedless & Juicy Tangerine Hybrid
Honeybell Tangelos
Sweet & Easy to Peel
Temple Oranges
Sweet & Rare Mandarin
Honeybells & Grapefruit
Hamlin Oranges & Grapefruit
Florida Tangerines & Grapefruit
Honeybells & Navels
Holiday Tradition
Navels & Grapefruit
Orris & Grapefruit
Temples & Grapefruit


  • Shipping charges are included in the price of each package of fruit.
  • Shipments are made via FedEx to the continental USA and Canada ($25 shipping).
  • No P.O. Boxes please.
  • Shipments to Alaska require Express Shipping via Postal Service. Please call us for rate details.
  • We do not ship to Hawaii.

Return Policy

At Schacht Groves, we're committed to your satisfaction. If you're not satisfied with our product upon arrival, we'll replace your order or issue you a refund.

Our Packaging

Your fruit is gently hand-packed into trays. These sturdy trays provide a protective layer around the fruit for shipping. The trays are placed in our cartons and sealed tightly for shipment.