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Temples & Grapefruit


4TG / 20 Grapefruit & 36 TemplesRead more$98.00

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3TG / 15 Grapefruit & 27 TemplesRead more$85.00

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2TG / 10 Grapefruit & 18 TemplesRead more$67.00

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1TG / 5 Grapefruit & 10 TemplesRead more$54.00

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STG / 3 Grapefruit & 6 TemplesRead more$42.00

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Our pairing of Temple oranges and ruby red grapefruit are a fantastic gift for your family, friends, or co-workers. The juicy sweetness of Temple oranges joined with the aromatic tang of ruby red grapefruit makes this citrus combo one of our favorites.



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