A slice of old Florida.
Last call for Valencia Oranges!

The Schachts Welcome You!

We look forward to providing the finest Indian River citrus for you and your loved ones.

How We Operate – Tree to You

Our Process:

Our fruit is picked by hand and collected in small quantities.
After the fruit arrives at our packinghouse, it’s unloaded and prepared for washing.
The fruit is dried, sized, and inspected for quality before being packed by hand into one of our secure delivery trays and placed into a sturdy carton.
The carton is closed, addressed, and shipped.

We ensure peak freshness and superb quality by completing this process in under 48 hours!

Gifts Made Easy
Our succulent citrus makes a great gift for the holidays or an anytime treat. We’ll make your gift shopping easy - simply order online or call us at 1-772-562-5858 today.

The Small Farm Advantage

Timing is everything, especially with citrus farming. The harvest schedule at Schacht Groves is flexible, allowing for time shifts during the ripening process. The fruit is picked when it’s ready; not a day too soon or too late. Large packinghouses simply can’t afford to operate this way. We oversee the management of our own groves, so the high quality of our Indian River fruit is consistent from year to year.

Indian River Fruit, Coveted The World Over

What is it about the Indian River region that makes for such a delicious crop?

  • Dark, nutritious, limestone-rich soil for a sturdy root structure.
  • The tropical climate assures plenty of sunshine and rain.
  • Schacht Groves is far enough north to enjoy the winter coolness that brings out the peak sweetness in the fruit, but far enough south to avoid a damaging frost.

Citrus grown in California and Texas simply aren’t as sweet or as juicy as our highly-coveted Indian River citrus.

Green is Beautiful

Don’t be fooled by the bright oranges and yellows of the citrus you find in the grocery store. Early in the season, it’s often picked green and the skin is treated with ethylene gas to bring out the bright colors.

Schacht Groves ships only Indian River fruit. Sweetness and juiciness are the only criteria for citrus.

On average, Schacht Groves citrus is 25% heavier and juicier than the same size fruit grown outside of Florida. Early in the season, you may find that the citrus is a little green around the edges or have a few “wind scar” blemishes common to Florida citrus. But, the proof is in the taste.

Peel away the thin, slick, “zipper skin,” taste a section, and you’ll discover the juiciest, sweetest, and freshest citrus around.