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Florida Tangerines & Grapefruit


4AG / 20 Grapefruit & 36 TangerinesRead more$105.00

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3AG / 15 Grapefruit & 27 TangerinesRead more$92.00

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2AG / 10 Grapefruit & 18 TangerinesRead more$75.00

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1AG / 5 Grapefruit & 10 TangerinesRead more$60.00

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SAG / 3 Grapefruit & 6 TangerinesRead more$47.00

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Succulent Florida tangerines and tart ruby red grapefruit are a perfect pair. Tangerines make for a sweet snack while grapefruits can be added to your breakfast as a juicy, nutrient-packed treat.



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